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College-ness... - September 19th, 2007, 5:26 pm

Okay, everyone, here's the deal. We're a couple of weeks into the new fall semester now, and I could use some time to get readjusted to college. SO the main story isn't going to be updated for another week or so while I get my bearings and work on a new set of pages...

However, the comic will continue to update at least once, maybe even twice, a week with a few silly strips we like to call "Random Moments." xD (More information on those when they go up) So keep checking back here...

In addition, you all get a special vote incentive for! Vote for us by clicking the twc vote button just below the news posts and you'll get to see a semi-realism painting of Maverik! ^_^ I'll try to scan something for buzzcomix later, but for now I have an Art History paper to write, sooo we'll see how that goes... x__x

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone!

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